How to choose the right digital signage software?

Teemu Kurri
Teemu Kurri
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When talking to our customers and partners, we have noticed that it is not always clear when to choose a DOOH platform over digital signage software. This article explains what separates our platform from the rest and highlights the benefits for our clients.

Digital Signage software refers to any content management system (CMS) for a digital display network. DOOH (digital out-of-home) on the other hand, refers to a system with specific tools for reaching audiences and managing advertising content. So, all DOOH software is digital signage, but not all digital signage is DOOH.

Doohlabs platform is an advanced CMS. Plus an audience targeting engine. Plus a media sales tool. In other words, it is as fully fledged DOOH platform, seamlessly end-to-end integrated. Our clients decide the features they want to use to serve their business operations, from enhancing advertising capabilities or creating new opportunities with media sales tools.

Audience-based targeting

Traditionally, digital signage software has been lagging behind other marketing software in audience targeting due to the history of out-of-home industry and its media sales practices.

Doohlabs has developed an audience-based targeting engine to help organizations and companies reach the same capability level on their digital display networks as they already have on other digital channels. The targeting engine is useful for all kinds of actors with large networks and heterogenous customer segments.

Audience-based targeting is a modern way to distribute targeted messaging continuously to multiple target groups at the same time. Doohlabs platform enables you to use any data to create audiences and automate the scheduling of the content distribution to different target groups on a screen level.

The targeting engine works in conjunction with basic content management and scheduling. You can choose to change the amount of targeted content to suit your organization’s needs at any time.

Audience-based targeting is safe and secure as it does not handle individual information making it GDPR compliant, and the data does not leave the network owners own organization.

Automation and Integrations

Automation is the key to successful use of audiences. What does that mean in practice? When targeting an audience in a network of thousands of screens, the Doohlabs platform automatically creates tens of thousands of timed instances to reach this audience at the right time & place.

This kind of content distribution would be impossible to manage with a traditional content management system. Traditional software can prompt content with triggers, for example, to launch a specific campaign in response to an event such as weather. However, they cannot manage target group-based businesses on digital screen networks.

To enable seamless automation based on audience data your technological stack must be up-to-date with integrations designed by professionals. Our platform is designed to accommodate any audience-based business logic and the necessary integrations with ease and no hassle.

Media sales

Finally, companies looking to monetise their audiences can automate the media sales of audience-data based products. Offering audience-based media products provides better ROI for the network owners as advertisers are willing to pay more for more targeted customer groups.

The platform provides your sales partner or own in-house team the tools for media sales and yield management. The sales team can concentrate on creating real value for advertisers as the conventional manual scheduling work is now automated.

The decision

So what does the decision boil down to? If you have a limited size network for one-for-all communications without the need for continuous audience targeting, you can settle down with a basic CMS that matches your requirements.

On the other hand, if you have a substantial network and various target groups with different aspirations, you need the automation possibilities that only a DOOH software can offer.

All in all, the investment is sizeable for a large-scale network especially when counting the hardware costs. There is no sense in running the network by utilizing only a fraction of its business potential. Digital signage network must be an integral part of your omnichannel strategy. That is assured by selecting a modern, advanced DOOH platform.

With Doohlabs platform, you are future proof. You can start by learning to use traditional CMS features first and adding audience targeting in gradually. Or go full steam ahead. You decide.

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Teemu Kurri

Teemu Kurri

Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer

Connect via LinkedIn

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