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Finland's largest in-store retail media network

S-Group is a global forerunner in building in-store retail media. They’ve run the media sales operations now for years already with Doohlabs software, expanding the network systemically and building new platform capabilities to enhance profitability and operational excellence.


Finland, Estonia

For S-Group, the strong emphasis on in-store retail media has been a no-brainer. Besides having one of the strongest loyalty programs in the industry, they have always understood that while each online channel grows rapidly, they still reach far more people in the stores than digitally. The same goes with for example US retail giants, as illustrated in this table:

Source: Insider Intelligence

Doohlabs platform in S-Group

The Doohlabs platform is now in use on thousands of screens throughout S-Group’s premises and the expansion continues at a rapid speed. S-Group and its advertising partners see the in-store retail media network as an effective way to reach customers at the last mile, with less media noise and distractions than in other channels.

The core of the screen network is installed in 3 types of commercial spaces: 1) Convenience stores, 2) supermarkets and 3 hypermarkets. S-Group in-store media reaches totally even 54 million contacts per week.

The Doohlabs solution provides S-Group with powerful tools for both internal advertising and successful media sales operations either directly or with a partner. The platform enables S-Group to easily reach different kinds of audiences in various locations at the right time.

In-store retail media is all about getting as close to purchasing decisions as you possibly can. The screens installed in the endcap make it possible for advertisers in each category to be seen near their products when the wanted target group is best reached.

Deep integration with retail ICT

One key element of successful in-store retail media in grocery retail especially is its integration into retailers’ business IT stack. S-Group is constantly exploring new ways to enhance the synergies between the systems.

The Doohlabs platform has for example been integrated with S-Group’s Digital Asset Management system. Content creators in the S-Group can search for material directly from DAM and publish and schedule it on our platform without extra effort. DAM integrations enable our customers to design and execute omnichannel campaigns routinely, efficiently, and transparently.


Watch our 1-minute video about in-store retail media in hypermarket environment.

S-Group is a massive co-operative retail chain in Finland with over 1800 locations and a turnover of c. EUR 12 billion. The group also operates in Estonia. S-Group offers a wide range of services such as supermarkets, department stores and specialty stores, service stations and fuel trade, tourism, catering and hardware trade. S-Bank offers comprehensive banking services for all customer-owners. S-Group operates a powerful loyalty program with over 2,1 million members in Finland.

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