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In-store audio is on the rise!

Teemu Kurri
Teemu Kurri
Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer
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As in-store retail media is booming, in-store audio is also growing exponentially along with it. And no wonder –there are lots of reasons that are backing up this trend.

4 main reasons for in-store audio advertising’s popularity:

  1. Audio advertising is very effective. As ads are listened to as background audio, they are unobtrusive and seamlessly integrated into the environment. This “easiness” makes it easier for brands to create a positive impression.
  2. Contextual relevance. In-store audio is presented right where the products are sold. This greatly increases the likelihood of getting the message through and the chances that the advertised product gets picked in the shopping cart.
  3. In-store audio hardware is even less expensive than screen technology - payback time for the investment is very short.
  4. Audio equipment is small, and installation does not need any extra space in the store. The decision to start advertising in stores is straightforward and easy.

Technological requirements for in-store audio do not differ much from in-store retail media delivered on screen. The hardware differs, but the in-store retail media platform needed to control audiences, run audience-based media sales, and distribute the ads for the right people in the right stores is the same. The key features of audio in-store retail media platforms are:

  1. Audience creation tools. The platform must be able to accept different kinds of 1st party and 3rd party data and create media products from audience inventory.
  2. Media sales tools – the platform must be able to control the inventory in real-time as the audio media products get sold. Multiple sales channels are possible for audio ads.
  3. Audio targeting automation, for distributing the audio ads to the right audiences without any manual hassle.

Doohlabs is at the forefront of in-store retail media. Our platform can operate and automate both on-screen and audio advertising business for retailers and other industries who want to monetize their audiences. We have partnered with for example Bauer Media, to build advanced audio solutions for our customers.

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Teemu Kurri

Teemu Kurri

Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer

Connect via LinkedIn

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