How to monetise your audience?

Janne Lohvansuu
Retailers have space with an audience, but they don't usually know how valuable it is. According to estimations, combined ad spending in Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) and digitalised trade marketing will grow by 2024 to over 100 billion USD.

Each space with an audience holds value in it. The first thing to do to profit from this is to have the screens in place and secondly, to sell advertising into those screens. However, having a network of screens in place and trying to sell advertisements manually will not guarantee you the access to the total 100 billion ad spend.

Key Question is: How to get access to this growth opportunity worth 100 billion?

The largest digital out-of-home market opportunity lies in programmatic and in the simple step that you need do: Connect your screens into programmatic and make your inventory, screens and audiences available to the global ad buyers. 

Connect your screens into programmatic and make your inventory, screens and audiences available to the global ad buyers.

If you are not familiar with programmatic advertising, it is the automated transaction of buying and selling advertising online. Typically, it's the process of using different platforms to sell inventory on websites, but with new technologies ad inventory & audiences of digital screens in spaces can be sold programmatically as well. Sounds simple right? But not every digital signage software can do it, even if it says so in a sales brochure.

We at Doohlabs solved this. We connect your screens to programmatic simple, fast and most importantly - cost effective way.

With Doohlabs you are up and running in 2 weeks. At the simplest, we provide you a deployment ready device that connects ANY screen to programmatic and it can get even better. If you have Samsung displays in place, we’ll connect you to programmatic without any external devices, saving costs and lowering your CAPEX. These professional digital signage displays are very suitable for larger network owners running hundreds of screens 24/7.

What if you just have a great space and you are inspired to install screens, but you haven't yet? We help you by providing the screens, platform and helpdesk that you need to run DOOH network in the most effective way with help from our partners worldwide.

But there is something we won’t do. Selling your ad space with huge commissions. With Doohlabs platform you can keep the commission yourself or let a lean & efficient media sales company be your DOOH-network provider.

We create possibilities

Doohlabs business is to create possibilities for network owners. We connect your space and audience to the programmatic world with our screens, platforms and know-how so you can benefit from the over 100 billion dollar opportunity.

Naturally, once you get started, we provide more intelligence and AI to optimise the profits from your network - but the important thing for now is just to get started where the current demand is - in the programmatic way. 

Get in touch and we provide more information and case examples!

Janne Lohvansuu, CEO, Doohlabs

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