Doohlabs platform

Doohlabs platform serves all major business models for retail media in in-store advertising.Instead of outsourcing your media sales to one media sales partner, Doohlabs platform enables you to monetise all available revenue sources -and connect to media sales partners and programmatic channels as well.
In-Store Audience Insight

Increasing store sales with targeting automation

Gone arethe days when retailers used digital signage systems to manually publish and managecampaigns. A modern way to advertise your own products and services is to utilizeyour audience insight for targeting various target groups and automating the creationof campaigns to your network.
For automated targeted in-store advertising, we provide
  • Targeting Engine
  • Content management system (CMS)
The platform works for advertising both on digital screens and in audio networks in-store. It can also be connected to your ecommerce channels.

Revenue from Trade Partners with self-services

Trade partners are eager to advertise their products where purchase decisions are made. With Doohlabs platform, you empower trade partners to access your audience-based advertising inventory as agreed in your yearly contracts - and provide them a set of tools to self-manage their campaign spending and traffic their campaigns delivered to your stores.
For digitalizedin-store trade marketing, we provide
  • Trade partner self-service portal
  • Targeting Engine
  • Content management system (CMS)
Trade partners manage their marketing campaigns via the self-service portal and Targeting engine enables automated targeted campaigning. Trade marketing campaigns in-store run on digital screens or in audio networks and can be connected with retailers other digital channels.

Gaining revenue from advertisers

A new major revenue source for retailers is monetising their valuable audiences for advertisers.With Doohlabs platform, you can organise the media sales by yourself or with a preferred media sales partner.
To open your audience-based advertising inventory for advertisers, we provide
  • Doohlabs media sales tools
  • Targeting Engine
  • Content management system
Retailers create an audience-based advertising inventory with Doohlabs platform for managing targeted advertising. Audiences can be sold with the platform tools and campaign is distributed automatically to right audiences at the right time.

Maximise your yield with programmatic advertising

To get the most out of your in-store retail media, optimise the fill rate and maximise your advertising yield, by opening the inventory for programmatic marketplaces.With Doohlabs platform, you are ready to start earning the extra revenue offered by programmatic demand.
How does the Doohlabs platform work?
Doohlabs platform can use any kind of retailer first-party data or alternatively relevant 3rd party data to form a audience-based advertising inventory. This inventory is structured by target groups for advertisers or for trade marketers. Campaigns are then delivered as scheduled to reach the wanted audience at the right place at the right time. As campaigns are distributed, platform provides real-time campaign reporting with proof of play.
Doohlabs platform adapts to your retail media business 
As retailers are in various stages and have different setups with their retail media businesses, Doohlabs platform easily adapts to your changing needs. If you have a digital signage software in use, Doohlabs platform runs alongside with your current architecture. Doohlabs platform is also designed to work alongside with your ad operations and works with software such as Salesforce for organizing your media sales activities.
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