Retail media for Media Companies

In-store Retail Media Solution for Media Companies

Do you have the means and resources to sell omni-channel media for advertisers? Do you want to enter the fast-growing in-store retail media sphere but don’t know how? Doohlabs has a complete solution for your needs.

The opportunity

Although in-store retail media is going through a major boom, only the biggest or most advanced retailers can fully utilise this trend. Organising the media sales requires not only a network that reaches a critical mass or a special audience that interests specific advertisers, but also skilled personnel to do the sales. This is where your organisation and know-how are needed.
In practice, most retailers lack the means to start receiving the wanted extra revenue as their only choice for media sales partnership are traditional digital out-of-home media sales companies who are not interested at all if the network size is not big enough (do not gather enough eyeballs in their outdoor business logic). For a multi-channel medium the in-store retail media, on the other hand, can complement and reinforce the offering and create synergies that add additional revenue on top of the earnings they get from the medium itself.

How to get into retail media?

Doohlabs platform enables you to create a multi-chain in-store retail media network.  With our platform, you can sell not only the audiences from each individual chain for the relevant advertisers, but also combine new audiences from multiple chains at the same time. Adding new chains into the network is easy and in no time, you can have a new major revenue stream for your company.
Having an in-store retail media network as part of your media palette also provides possibilities to create new cross-media products to serve your customers. For instance, if your customer is driving a new product for consumers in your mass medium, they are able to reach the wanted target group in your in-store network at the same time. The audience can then be re-targeted in your mobile marketing channels.
Who are the winners in retail media?
A question may arise: where does the money for this new medium come from? Do the advertisers re-allocate their resources? Does the retailer move money from one pocket (traditional promotions and trade marketing) to another one? Boston Consulting Group estimated in March 2022 that 60%-70% of the revenue is new and tops the traditional trade revenue.
And as the benefits for brands to measure, monitor, and optimise their marketing efforts in retail media are so great, the mediums that are not involved in it will surely lose markets to others. For any media company that wants to compete in the emerging world of omni-channel consumer marketing, retail media is a must for their offering.
Doohlabs platform offers your company all the needed elements for creating your own in-store retail media network: Media Sales tools or API for your sales team, a targeting engine for building and controlling target groups, and CMS and Ad server to handle the publishing. Book a demo to see us in action!
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