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Enter the Retail Media market with Doohlabs!

Retail’s big names have made it clear that they want to become advertising giants with retail media. And it is not benefiting just the large ones - any retailer with multiple locations and a substantial audience should consider starting new revenue sources from suppliers and brands that want to get noticed by shoppers.

Retail media megatrend is supported by online privacy movement that makes the retailers 1st party data about their customers a major asset. In-store marketing will be a crucial part of “closed-loop marketing” to reach targeted customers where shopping decisions are made.

While online retail media has already several major platforms to serve the needs of retail in e-commerce, the in-store media still is served by old digital signage solutions.

This is where we can help: We offer a complete solution for monetising in-store screens and digitalising trade marketing processes. Our mission is to automate data-driven buying, selling, and delivery of in-store advertising with our intelligent platform.

Doohlabs offers resellers an exiting opportunity to take their part in this USD 100 billion Retail Media market. Join us and start making new revenue right away!

Why partner with Doohlabs?

Specialized in in-store retail media
Doohlabs is the only platform that concentrates on building scalable screen and audio networks, especially for retail media.

Our platform is built to serve in-store advertising needs. We’ve built a solution that handles media booking and audience-based targeting and seamlessly automates integrated campaign creation. 

Our platform also offers tools for digitalizing and automating trade partner activities – making it the only platform in the market combining external media sales and trade market self-services.
A unified platform with reasonable pricing
We offer attractive pricing for retail clientele with our unified platform - compared to competing solutions that typically consist of multiple products and licenses.

With one platform approach, our unit cost is considerably lower than digital signage or DOOH market leaders. Our business model is dependent on your success and desire to expand your network and increase profits.

Doohlabs platform is easy to install and does not require cameras or other external hardware. And privacy is built-in.
Personal attention on customer success
We are way more personal than our contenders. We own all the code from cloud to players and we are constantly finding new ways on how our platform can serve your customers better.

We listen very carefully to you and your customers’ needs and keep our backlog open for improvements while constantly developing our retail media platform.

What is Doohlabs?

We are an established growth company reaching companies and resellers globally. We already operate on thousands of screens and locations and have major retail chains with multi-billion euros turnover as our customers.

We are expanding fast to global markets with a vast influx of inbound contacts from customers that need a platform to start their in-store retail media business and local integrators to build and maintain their networks.

Ask for our reseller package!