Customer Success Stories

1300 retail stations in the Nordics with an engaged audience

St1 retail stations has one big benefit over other advertisers – 600 000 customers on their gas pumps daily. This is a very good time to reach a specific audiences.


Nordic energy group with 600 000 daily visitors in their retail stations


The in-store advertising network covers both the manned stations and self-service stations. Customers include both people coming in with a car as well as those just enjoying other services.

Gas stations has one big benefit over other advertising medium – the time the consumer spends on the pump. On average, each consumer is spending 55 seconds per transaction, making this a very good time to reach a specific audiences.


Doohlabs built an integration to one of the largest gas pump operator - Gilbarco Verder-Root to enable seamless end-to-end advertising.

Doohlabs delivers the network with its integrator partner Craneworks. After the selection process was carried through, ST1 stated in its selection criteria that:

”We appreciated their ability to see the whole picture and to create added value. In our comparison the difference to the competitors was so big, that even a substantial improvement in one or two areas wouldn’t change the outcome”

ST1 is a Nordic energy company with over 1300 ST1 and Shell gas stations in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Over 600 000 people visit the companies locations on daily basis forming a substantial audience base for advertising.

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