Retail media for shopper Marketing

In-store retail media is digital shopper marketing. Supercharged.

Shopper marketing is all about communicating brand awareness and tactical activation in-store - traditionally with posters, stickers, and different kinds of brand-building tools. It often includes deals between the retailer, suppliers & brands. Retailers may agree with a supplier about a special placement in the aisles for a festive season. These deals often involve much human-to-human interaction not to mention the man-hours needed to build the placements and the needed brand materials in scale.

Retail Media is already here

During the last 20 years shopper marketing has included digital signage screens in stores, but without systemically organising the monetisation models or audience targeting and including a lot of manual work.
This all is about to change. Retail media is a phenomenon that is easy to grasp by shopper marketers. Brands and suppliers pay to be seen on websites and stores. But it is the automation and digitalisation and foremost the scale they enable that is the new hot thing.

The In-Store opportunity

Retail media has been stated to become a 100 billion business by 2025. Online retail media leading the way with Amazon being a leader that makes already a major part of its profits from advertising instead of product sales.
Lately, in-store retail media has also grown to a megatrend as retailers have started to build large digital screen networks in their stores to grasp this opportunity.
Instead of having one brand or supplier covering f.ex. end-caps, you can have multiple of them advertising at the same time. The campaigns can be targeted to different target groups visiting different stores at specific hours. The campaigns can be produced as videos, or they can be totally automated by templates that create campaigns based on products' unique SKU’s.
So how can shopper marketers benefit from this new opportunity?
A vast majority of retailers have not sold media before. They don’t have their own media sales units, so they need to partner with somebody. A traditional partner would be a digital out-of-home media sales company, but they are not ideal in this new world.
The digital out-of-home is traditionally involved in massive brand marketing with big screens and their processes and pricing have been developed for this kind of business. The shopper marketers, however, have already worked in scale producing campaigns to large store networks on a daily basis. To enter the in-store retail media business, they can now only adapt to new digital tools and organise media sales for their retail clients by interacting with brands and suppliers they usually already have a relationship with.
With Doohlabs platform, a shopper marketing company can get them ready for the digital world now and start offering a new high-profit service for their current and prospective customers.
In-store inventory for data-based audiences
Self-service for partners, media sales tools, SSP & API
Automated campaigns to digital screen and audio players
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