Retail media for Digital Signage

An In-store retail media platform that works with your Digital Signage CMS

Doohlabs platform gives you a chance to join one of the biggest transformations in marketing today – retail media.
We just published a short video describing how your digital signage company can use Doohlabs in-store retail media platform with your own CMS. Check it out!

The retail media megatrend

Retail media means that retailers monetise their valuable audiences for their trade partners and other advertisers. It is estimated to become a 100-billion-dollar business by 2025. Until recently, retail media has experienced hyper-growth in the online sphere, but now retailers are monetising customers' attention in their stores.
To enable retail media advertising, existing digital signage networks are becoming a business-critical asset. Furthermore, the number of screens in stores will multiply in coming years as the demand for retail audiences is gaining traction.

Our digital signage solution changes the rules of the game

In digital out-of-home, the highest margins goes to giant media sales companies. Digital Signage integrators, on the other hand, are tackling the challenges of lowering margins of hardware and commodification of their software. Differentiation is challenging.
In the in-store retail media market, media sales companies are not dominant. The main reason is retailers that want to increase their share of profit and are looking for alternatives for organising media sales with their unbeatable audience insight and data on their customers. Unlike digital out-of-homes’ large audiences, retail can offer specific target groups. For this, a different skill-set and technology is needed.
Doohlabs platform transforms your Digital Signage system into an in-store retail media service. It is the only platform that can turn existing networks into revenue creators without major changes to your current set-up.

Our digital signage software is all you need for in-store retail media

With Doohlabs platform, you can turn your retail customers existing screens into an in-store retail media network in weeks. It contains all the needed elements for operating the screen network, from creating & managing audiences from retailer data to distributing the targeted advertising.
With our platform, trade partners as well as advertisers from programmatic marketplaces can reach consumers right where purchasing decisions are made. Our easy-to-use media sales tools offer a variety of different ways to organize sales. We connect to your CMS via API and deliver the ready playlist for you to play. It’s that easy.
With the platform we provide you:
  • Easy onboarding process
  • Standard contract model with customers
  • Sales support for business case modelling
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How do you benefit from retail media?

Retail media creates real business value for retailers. The customers decision makers are usually directly involved in creating new revenue making the negotiations more straightforward. Our business support team will help you to justify the investment.
In-store retail media will continue to grow heavily in the becoming years. We’ve witnessed that many of our retailer customers have expanded their in-store networks with the introduction of retail media. For example, a typical hypermarket that has had 10-20 screens before retail media, has added cap-end screens and totals now over 60 screens in one store.
If your company has the resources yourself or you have a good partner, you can offer to arrange the media sales for your retailers. You can negotiate a revenue share deal or a fixed fee, it is up to you.
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Simple integration creates great value
Doohlabs platform provides RESTful Open API to connect your system to play targeted campaign Playlists & report proof-of-play. API data model & its attributes are designed to fit smoothly on any CMS’s use cases & processes.
Doohlabs Tech team will provide all the needed support to help you help your customers to take their first steps in retail media.
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