Programmatic In-Store Retail Media

Programmatic is currently by far the dominant form of media sales online now. It is certain, that it will eventually be that in in-store advertising too. However, for years there are going to be a few main parallel ways to sell audiences for advertisers just as there have been in the online sphere. On this page we explain how you can start making money with in-store retail media today.

The role of programmatic

Programmatic adverting in in-store advertising has been for years something that will be ready in a couple of years. But it is already here in the technological sense. You can easily start online programmatic business by selecting your partners for sell-side and buy-side platforms. The challenge is that the business of in-store programmatic is still very small by now, and the market has not at all yet been divided between the actors in the field. This means that committing to the wrong partners at this stage of the market development may prove to be a bad choice that can postpone your ad revenues for years to come. Also, online CPM is very different from in-store audience monetisation models.

Sell through all channels

To benefit from the in-store retail media boom now, you need to start selling the media through all meaningful channels. First, your own media team or sales partner needs to be able to form audiences from customer insight data and package them into sellable media products. Secondly, you can also open a self-service for brands to manage their campaigns by themselves. And thirdly, you need to have a platform that can work with all programmatic actors in the coming years.

The Doohlabs solution

Doohlabs is the most complete in-store retail media platform that can provide you with all the necessary sales channels. Our platform lets you build media products from data, sell them directly, via self-service or programmatically and distribute the targeted ads to audiences on a screen level.
Allocate between sales channels easily
Connect with your selected programmatic partners
Use your current system or switch to our Digital Signage CMS

Ready to do business now!

Doohlabs has from the start welcomed all retail media business models. The ways to sell media online do not transfer directly to in-store, mainly because of the differences between one-to-one and one-to-many mediums and the special architecture a screen-based media needs. All actors wanting to take their share of this major business opportunity will find their own media mix and want to be ready to scale when programmatic take off at speed. For this, Doohlabs is by far the best partner in the market. Book a demo now.