more revenue with the

data-driven Out-Of-Home Platform

We empower DOOH-networks to target customers efficiently with microlocation AI to multiply yield for network owners and deliver more bang for a buck for advertisers.
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DOOH networks
Our easy-to-integrate AI engine creates more revenue for any DOOH network by attracting right audiences with the right content at the right time.
Digital signage CMS
Our digital signage CMS is a full suite solution for any customer who needs a network that can be easily scaled from few to thousands of displays and integrate to your seamlessly current systems environment.
A complete wayfinding solution to for example malls & public buildings that enables modern mobile UI and indoor positioning services.

We are solving two business challenges

1. How to target customers efficiency in digital-out-of-home
2. How to Increase the volume and value of inventory by targeting
for new networks
faster time to market,
programmatic ready
The programmatic digital out-of-home platform for managing and publishing video, audio and dynamic content with advanced wayfinding for shopping malls and public areas. Ideal for rapid deployment of advertisement networks enabling both direct and programmatic sales.
full data and pricing ownership
Get control, Don't pay for idle time
With Doohlabs platform, you will regain the pricing power and own the customer data yourself. Doohlabs platform also offers you an innovative pay-per-play model which guarantees that you only pay for served ads -not for idle time.
for existing networks
Multiply network income by
connecting AI with your current system
Our AI increases your network profits by delivering best performing playlists through consumer behaviour analytics. DOOHLABS natively connects to leading programmatic SSPs like Adform and Google Ad Manager opening never ending possibilities to sell your inventory.
dedicated pre- and after sales service
In addition to offering the most advanced digital out-of-home platform, we use our extensive experience of the market to help you spot and make more profitable business. We work solely with our dedicated partners, prioritize loyalty and have developed a profitable and lucrative partner pricing models.

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The team
with a shared vision
World-class team with deep expertise in digital marketing and digital out-of-home.
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