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Omnichannel solution – how to connect your Loyalty Program to In-Store marketing?

Janne Lohvansuu
Janne Lohvansuu
Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
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Customer loyalty programs have become the standard way to provide benefits to customers within the past 20 years, and nowadays the usage of the customer data collected is what makes the difference for the retailer.

Loyalty data helps retailers to understand shopper’s behaviour. Various data points, analytics and underlying technology are seamlessly brought together to create a complete picture of the end-to-endcustomer journey. This enables targeting throughout the journey; from consideration to point of purchase.

To achieve this, customers should be engaged on all available channels in their daily life. So far, the threat for brands has been losing the customer at the point of purchase and this has been especially true in the low-engagement FMCG sector. Many have been looking for an answer to this problem, but we can now declare that problem solved!

The loyalty program is great – if you know how to utilise it

We are used to thinking that the purpose of a loyalty program is to create engagement and connect your brand with your customers in order to upkeep them. However, it should not be a set and forget program, but rather a structured, strategic tool to grow your retail business. 

When interacting with customers via loyalty program and rewarding shoppers with discounts and value-added information, it is a highly effective way for companies to collect data on a large scale.

There are wast amount of things to measure such as where your customers like to shop, what kind of promotions work for them, most engaging actions in stores, engagement and respondents in social media, track their activity times, shopper frequency… 

Through creating a self-sustaining loop, you can run and manage your loyalty program in order to increase your loyal customers base, but you also must think of all the ways to best utilise the data that your loyalty program generates. Many retailers have a huge amount of consumer data collected, and if enriched, it is a valuable asset for companies.

Adding in-store advertising and trade marketing toyour retail media portfolio

In-store advertising automation is a data-driven solution for targeting your retail customers in a store environment with digital screens. It utilises your shopper insight generated by your loyalty program to target advertising to your customers at the right time, at the right place. 

The Doohlabs In-store Advertising Automation Platform enables you to target advertising according to several criteria or customer segments that you have defined when analysing your loyal shopper data.This way you can guarantee your trade partners and brand advertisers that instead of shoppers seeing ads about what they don’t need, they will see ads about what they really want - making them more likely to buy. 

It is easy to start by offering this targeted advertising opportunity to your trade partners via platforms self-service portal first and expand to external advertisers later on. As a retailer, you can now connect your online and offline channels seamlessly by integrating retail media into your marketing mix. 

Create more targeted in-store experiences

When a unified customer profile is connected with your in-store advertising automation, it means you’ll always be equipped with the right information to serve your customers based on the understanding of what they like. Effective usage of shopper insight enables you to speak to your customers in the right place, at the right time. Throughout the purchase path, in the last mile. 

Have you thought of using your in-store screens as easy-to-sell media? 

 Now that you have the audiences in your store and you have detailed shopper insight generated by your loyalty program – so you know you can target advertising according to place, time, shopper behaviour. You also have the brands already willing to spend more money in the targeted advertising in your in-store media, where the shoppers are. Many of the world’s biggest retail chains have already realised the great potential of monetising their audiences by turning their stores into advertising media!

Check the easy solution for automated in-store advertising and open up new possibilities with the leaders! Retail media is here.

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Janne Lohvansuu

Janne Lohvansuu

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Connect via LinkedIn