Experience Management

Create unforgettable spaces with our Experience Management Platform

From movie complexes to casinos and into luxury cruises, the venues more and more compete in creating experiences that will attract new visitors as well as make current customers keep coming back. On the other hand, retail must find ways to transform the in-store shopping experience into something that shoppers keep choosing instead of just logging into a web shop. For these purposes, Doohlabs has developed an Experience Management Platform that can create a multi-sensory customer experience that leaves a lasting mark on visitors’ memory.
Creating modern customer experiences in-store can be achieved with the right combination and usage of hardware and software together. An experience management system is software that controls all the needed content to create the wanted atmosphere and alongside controls in synch different devices such as digital surfaces, lighting, sound system, and scents. The system can also react to changing contexts, audiences, and events enhancing the experience.
The platform:
multisensory experiences
High-res LED-surfaces for presenting theme content
Digital Signage –screens for marketing
Touch screens for interaction and managing experiences
Soundscape to support the selected theme
Designed lighting and light effects
Scents dedicated for the space in question
We in Doohlabs offer our customers 3 levels of programmatically produced customer experience for retail and entertainment industries:

1. Pop up

The smallest solution can be utilised for a simple experience installation for eye-catching promos. This is a Cost-efficient way to produce scalable multi-sensory experiences for brands and suppliers throughout the entire store network and it is easy to change for a new brand.

2. Flagship store

A mid-size experience solution becomes viable for a larger space with extra attention on customer experiences, such as a flagship store, exhibition venue, or showroom. The solution contains all the needed components for producing full multi-sensory experiences.

3. Full Experience space

A full experience management solution is needed for bigger entertainment venues such as casinos or theme parks. This solution combines various digital surfaces, audio, and scent zones and has dedicated content themes and lightning design. The space may include for example large LED-walls, ceilings, and floors for producing unforgettable visits.
Why experience management?
Build a destination that generates more revenue by attracting more visitors.
Increase median purchase by creating an environment where people want to spend their time
Multisensory spaces create memorable customer experiences and retail spaces people want to re-visit

High-end digital signage system included

Our platform has its roots in our CMS system that’s been built to manage and automate the most challenging retail networks in the world. This means that alongside creating memorable experiences, you can control all your “basic” screens and audio with our user-friendly UI to communicate & and educate your audience.

Doohlabs Experience Management Platform features:

Advanced Theme creation & scheduling engine

Built-in variation for content to keep your space feel always new

Complete Digital Signage CMS features to store & distribute your content

Easy connections to your operative systems & data with advanced triggering options

Device connectivity for visuals, audio, lights & scents with Crestron

Cloud & on-premises to keep your space alive at all times