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What is In-store Retail Media and what has it got to do with Digital Signage?

Teemu Kurri
Teemu Kurri
Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer
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Retail Media is a megatrend that has captured the attention of marketers. According to Forrester it is one of the hottest topics (with AI) advertisers are talking about. At the same time, retail is rapidly refining its business models to benefit from this trend. But what does it have to do with digital screens and why should digital signage providers care about it?

Retail media is shopper marketing of the new era. Advertisers have always wanted to be seen where purchase decisions are made and retailers have created business models to support it.

In the digital age, this means that delivering the message to the eyes of the wanted audience just at the right time and place – be that in the internet or the store – is automated and supported by retailers extensive customer insight.

If you think for example any web store of a major retailer nowadays – the products you see first aren’t just random. They are first of all targeted exclusively to you with the help of the retailers customer data. Secondly, it’s sponsored content. The products you see have been payed to be seen by you. The supplier whose product matches your needs and who is willing to pay most to be seen gets the best spots.

In-store retail media is the same thing happening inside a store on the digital signage screens and audio commercials. The digital signage networks will be a lot more business-critical in the future and will require an in-store retail media platform to manage the monetization of audiences.

Future of digital signage

So – what is expected from an in-store retail media platform compared to a traditional digital signage CMS?

First of all – to serve as a retail media platform means that you must be able to handle securely retailers’ data and to be able to utilize it to create target groups that attract advertisers.

Furthermore, a digital signage platform must be able to use the data for targeting those groups in-store at the right times and to automate the delivery of ads accordingly. For trade partners & suppliers, a self-service for managing contract-based advertising in-store is a must when delivering retail media on multinational retailers operational scale.

The target groups need to be commercialized for media. An in-store retail media platform can offer the audience inventory for sale either directly or via API on other media sales platforms. Programmatic advertising is also finding its way on screens in stores and in-store retail media platforms should also be able to offer audiences for sale to programmatic marketplaces.

We at Doohlabs started working on an in-store retail media platform years ago.

We have brought digital signage pioneers and digital business professionals under the same roof to be able to provide a platform that is able to handle the special requirements created by the physical in-store environment and at the same time offer modern tools that match the expectations of professionals that are used to work with modern online tools.

The future of digital signage lies in retail media. We believe that together with your capability to offer customers top-quality personal & professional service and with the capabilities of the Doohlabs platform we together can empower our retail customers in creating a new substantial retail media revenue stream.

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Teemu Kurri

Teemu Kurri

Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer

Connect via LinkedIn

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