Using microlocations to get most out of your marketing budget in out-of-home advertising

Janne Lohvansuu
All advertisers aim to target their ads only for potential customers, yet few are actually able to. The technological possibilities in DOOH already exist, and it is utilised more and more.

In traditional (and currently digital) outdoor, there is no intelligence inside of the campaign. This is why traditional buying methods are not even close to advertisers dream — advertising to those who are most likely to be the future customers instead of every single person in a given location.

It is important to remember that without any data intelligence built into the campaign, DOOH is just another format compared to the traditional outdoor advertisement.

Smarter targeting reduces waste coverage

The true magic for targeting your DOOH campaign is the concept of microlocations, that offer you the intelligence needed to reduce the waste coverage, in order to spend your advertisement budget more efficiently than before.

How does the smart targeting work?

When you know your customer, we bring you the technology so that you can meet the most potential future customers in the most relevant context. As a simple example: On a Saturday afternoon, a salad lunch restaurant can show light lunch options to 24-year-old female and male and also to show relevant offers for singles (take away offer) and 2 for 1 offer for couples.

This means that with DOOHLABS platform, advertiser is able to show optimised and targeted ad variants and offers in the right place for the right audience at the right time. By optimising the messages and offers based on the audience it’s possible to increase the actual conversion, since we all know that one message and offer does not fit for all.

How can smart targeting be used in its full extent?

Let’s imagine you are marketing a small hybrid SUV to a certain city-dwelling target group. Our platform can tag content in various ways and indicate where ads with similar style, format and tone gained a lot of attention. With this information, your campaign can concentrate on those locations, on the very moments your target group is on the move.

By combining customer data to, for example, the data produced by mobile networks, you can design your campaign to surgically contact the right group of people, and equally importantly not paying for contacts you don’t want (which is somewhat a standard in DOOH today – besides the out-dated technology, also because of the methods currently used in segmentation models).

A bright future for audience targeting

Person level targeting got into headlines (in somewhat questionable tone) in 2016 elections in the US with the introduction of high-end direct marketing data mining & predictive segmentation in social media. But for us, the intelligence is refined from the combination of audience, location & content, not from the individuals themselves.

For us, the intelligence is refined from the combination of audience, location & content, not from the individuals themselves.

Data based targeting in tactical level marketing plays important role in driving the last mile. Let’s say you want to activate certain type of consumers to enter the store. The micro location display is the best activator to engage the consumer to interact – at the point of purchase.

In Doohlabs, we are forerunners in utilising the shopper data and designing new data-driven targeting solutions for the retailers and network owners. Our platform creates intelligent live playlists by combining & interpreting audience data. These live playlists are adapted in real-time to changing the context of the micro location displays in the network.

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