What is retail media?

— And what has In-Store Advertising got to do with it?

Retail media has been a hot topic both in retail and in adtech for the past couple of years. Let us explain what it is, what has it to do with in-store advertising and how can Doohlabs help retailers benefit from it.

Retail media in short means marketing to consumers at the point of purchase, online or in the actual physical retail space. In general, common techniques include in-store advertising, online advertising, sampling, loyalty cards and coupons or vouchers.

According to BCG, tightening consumer privacy standards have undercut longstanding digital-marketing tools, such as third-party browser cookies, making it more difficult to communicate with consumers.

Retail media fills this void: retailers’ ability to access first-party data and “close the loop” by identifying those who make a purchase after seeing an ad makes retail media a compelling new channel for advertisers.

Lets take a look at the rise of Retail Media and the two main megatrends behind it:

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The restructuring of retail profits.

Traditional margins in retail are getting harder to achieve as at the same time, monetising the audiences is getting a major way to accumulate profits.
Retail media increases retailers' total profits
Share of profit graph

The importance of 1st party data in advertising.

Retail is in a perfect position to change the market dynamics with its closed-loop advertising and 1st party data. Retail media and in-store marketing will be a crucial part of the closed-loop to reach targeted customers where shopping decisions are made.
“80% on buying decisions are made in the point of purchase”
When Googling “Retail Media” the results are mainly service providers for e-Commerce and there are already quite a few Retail Media platforms to choose from. However, these platforms seldom serve the needs of retailers omnichannel shopper marketing.

Why new tools for in-store?

Modern media sales ecosystem – the programmatic marketplaces especially – is based on one-to-one processes. New tools are needed to in between to turn the one-to-many in-store audiences sellable and the processes automated in these environments.

The next step in digital signage

Building advanced in-store retail media solution for in-store digital screens & audio requires expertise in these fields and modern online technologies. That is why Doohlabs was founded by a team of both online professionals as well as digital signage industry pioneers.

We help you turn audiences into revenue

We’ve created a complete solution for monetising in-store displays and digitalising trade marketing processes. Our mission is to automate data-driven buying, selling, and delivery of in-store advertising with our intelligent platform.

In-store inventory for data-based audiences
Self-service for partners, media sales tools, SSP & API
Automated campaigns to digital screen and audio players

Dynamic inventory allocation 

With Doohlabs platform, retailer is in total control of the inventory. Retailer can decide to change the allocation of the audience monetisation between direct media sales, programmatic and their own advertising at any time.

Doohlabs converts retailer data to be securely used in programmatic marketplaces

Doohlabs platform is a layer between retailer data and programmatic marketplaces. We transform retailers one-to-many in-store audiences applicable for programmatic marketplaces and as they are sold, distribute the campaigns for the right audiences in right stores at a screen level.

To sum up

In summary – in-store retail media is already here and with Doohlabs platform you can start monetising your audiences instantly.
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