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Doohlabs experience management platform supercharges Veikkaus Casino Tampere - the best new casino in the world 2022

Teemu Kurri
Teemu Kurri
Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer
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Veikkaus Casino Tampere in Finland was chosen as the best new casino in the world for 2022 by the World Casino Awards.

Veikkaus Casino Tampere was built from the start to be digitally fully controllable and deliver multi-sensory experiences to attract both regular casino visitors and new clientele to experience the ultramodern destination casino. The Casino is built inside the new Nokia Arena, which houses various events from ice hockey games to concerts.

Doohlabs designed the concept for casino experience management and delivered a system that orchestrates the devices and content to create the experience space. The Doohlabs experience management platform schedules & controls digital walls, sounds, lightning, and scents in sync to deliver unforgettable experiences for its visitors. The core content themes are built to follow the Finnish seasons with rich and colourful nature experiences. With the experience management platform, the Casino can also change its themes to adapt to anything happening in the arena.

Experience management can be utilised in various industries from hospitality to retail.

For example, brick & mortar retail will need to find new ways to attract customers to their stores and experience management will be one of the key development areas in-store in the future. The Doohlabs experience management platform can be scaled to suit any retail space from an experiential shopping center to a corner store chain that wants to deliver a top customer experience.

Veikkaus Casino Tampere was a joint effort with various great companies. Regarding experience management, architectural and interior design was conducted by Muuan and Amerikka. The experience management system and devices were implemented by Craneworks. Mono Graphics did the sound design.

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Teemu Kurri

Teemu Kurri

Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer

Connect via LinkedIn

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