How to get started with Doohlabs?

Doohlabs platform is a complete solution for in-store retail media needs of retailers and media sales companies. Our platform can be tested with no-hassle in your own environment to see if it fits your needs. You can get started with us with these 3 steps.

Discovery call/demo

First contact between your company and Doohlabs is typically a discovery call and a platform demo online.
In this meeting, a range of topics is covered:
  • Your business needs, possible project at hand and timetables
  • Doohlabs platform capabilities and benefits for your organization
  • Your organizations current capabilities: network, audience data and media sales
  • A demo of Doohlabs platform in action
If you find the platform to meet your needs, you can choose to test it.

Test our platform

Your organization can test out platform easily. The basic requirement for a test phase is that you have some screens available and typically we can remotely install the player software for test needs.
We help you understand the use cases in your organization, how we fit into your current processes and guide you on how the key tasks are handled on the platform.
During the test phase, we’ll have an open dialogue with you about the enablers of the pilot phase:
  • Data model for audience building and initial thoughts on your media products
  • Your channel needs: Direct media sales, trade partner service and/or own campaigns
  • Content sources for campaigns and possible automations
When you feel you are ready to start a pilot, we can start in a matter of days or few weeks.

The pilot

Pilot is a real-life experiment of the platform in action in the core of your in-store retail media operations that usually runs for 2-6 months. The aim is to test drive the needed elements for you to operate successful in-store retail media business.
For the pilot, several stores/locations are selected. Each store/location should have multiple screens in it, to imitate running the actual day-to-day retail media business. A comparison group of locations/stores is also recommended, so that we can measure both qualitative and quantitative effects.
In the pilot, we together define the focus from number of key areas:
  • Building media products from your data to test which products suit you and your customers best
  • Inviting a few trade partners to iterate the needs for your self-services channel
  • Testing direct sales in smaller scale for advertiser insight
  • Managing your own campaigns to understand the needed daily processes
  • Rehearsing campaign trafficking to understand better the needed resources
Pilot findings a gathered and conclusions for expansion are made. During the pilot, also a business case for expansion is built.
Once the pilot has been successfully completed it is time to expand the network. We will together define the roadmap with you and your partner in charge of the network building and maintenance for rolling out the platform for the entire chain.

Ready to do business now!

To start a conversation with us and to have your pilot started, book a demo now.