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How to add in-store screens to your retail media network?

Teemu Kurri
Teemu Kurri
Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer
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Onsite and offsite retail media has been booming during the past couple of years. Forerunner retailers have already built or are launching their retail media services. For many others, solutions are on the planning table or in development. But what about in-store retail media? Why is it not happening hand in hand with online?

The medium for in-store advertising is mainly in-store digital screens. These digital signage screens are not in the retailers’ online architecture, instead, they are a medium with its legacy, asynchronous technology and operational challenges. Thats why digital signage software has been developed by the same parties that deliver the hardware and services.

Digital out-of-home as a software industry is not catering to in-store advertising environments.

The market leaders serve the digital out-of-home industry - working mainly outdoors, with big crowds and mediocre audience data. Due to this, there has been a lack of data and targeting automation has not been a development priority. Capabilities are concentrated on triggering content as a means to show specific content in the wanted context.

The retailers have not been selling the in-store media directly, but with out-of-home industry sales partners such as Lamar, Clear Channel or JCDecaux. Therefore, there has not been a need to develop any tools for automated audience monetisation or sales operations.

Building advanced in-store retail media for stores digital screens requires expertise in all the mentioned fields as well as top-notch knowledge of modern online technologies. This is what Doohlabs specializes in.

Enter Doohlabs – the in-store retail media platform

Doohlabs started building the in-store retail media platform 4 years ago combining digital signage pioneers and digital business professionals into one company. We provide a platform that handles the special requirements of the physical in-store environment and is adaptable to retailers technical architecture and compatible with the new onsite & offsite retail media platforms.

Doohlabs platform is the only software in the market for modern in-store retail media.
At first, retailers can utilize their in-store audience data safely to create audiences that can be monetised. Our CDP (Customer Data Platform) act as a part of the retailers own ad tech stack and provides means for creating target groups that fill all modern privacy requirements.

Secondly, to reach target groups we deal with audiences. This is the key difference between online and in-store retail media. In-store, you always have groups of people you target rather than individuals with personalized messaging. The ability to turn audiences into sellable target groups and automate the distribution to reach the wanted people is a key feature of an in-store retail media platform.

A parallel way to reach specific audiences in-store is using product categories as targeting criteria. As retailers know their customers buying behavior inside out, utilizing product categories in defining the right context to advertise in is a very effective way to talk directly to your audiences.

We add our insight about the location, context & availability (we call it microlocation intelligence) to customer data to refine it to sellable audiences. As the audiences are sold and the creatives trafficked, our targeting algorithms optimize the campaign delivery to the right audiences, at the right time and place on a screen level.

Most retailers still have a majority of their business and audiences in brick & mortar stores. They are ready for full-blown omnichannel retail media. 

Controlling and optimising the consumer's attention throughout the customer path will be the winning strategy for both the advertisers utilizing the opportunity and retailers offering services in each channel. Likewise, the service providers that are capable of offering services for all channels, will be retailers natural choice as retail media partner.

We are able and ready to connect Doohlabs to your retail media platform.

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Teemu Kurri

Teemu Kurri

Co-founder, Chief Growth Officer

Connect via LinkedIn