In-store Advertising Automation - retail’s equivalent to Marketing Automation revolution

Teemu Kurri
Digital out-of-home takes your mind to outdoor environments, in places where you have big crowds to turn audiences for large screens. But in fact, by far the biggest growth in this area is happening in retail. Specifically, in in-store environments.

Outdoor advertising is still considered as the last mass media. In-store advertising on the other hand - with its data-rich business environment - is more comparable to online advertising. And the same mechanisms that changed the buying and selling advertising on the internet forever, are also transformed the way in-store advertising is developing.

In the internet, Marketing Automation software changed the whole landscape from rather than offering banners for one medium, to bidding on the best places to reach specific audiences. This change is inevitably happening also in retail chains, as they are starting to offer their audiences for advertisers. As the number of screens will multiply in the coming years, there will be a need for In-store advertising automatisation platforms. This is what we in Doohlabs specialise in.

In-store advertising automation platform provides tools to target audiences and enables audience-based media sales. With the in-store advertising software retailers can increase the median purchase, digitalise their trade marketing offering for partners and start selling audiences for external advertisers.

Doohlabs just launched the brand new version for its platform for retail chains. Download the whitepaper or book a demo with us!

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Teemu Kurri

Teemu Kurri

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