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Why should media companies be interested in (in-store) retail media?
Media companies have been in the middle of a major transformation for over 20 years now. Some have perished and others have been successful in adopting digital media as part of their core offerings. But just when the biggest waves seemed to be calming down, a new major trend disrupting media emerged: retail media.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — December
It’s time for the Doohlabs in-store retail media newsletter for December. This time we explore how retail media is already moving beyond the retail industry.
In-store retail media in practice: Trade partner self-services
There are a couple of main channels for retail media sales from direct to outsourced and increasingly also programmatic. Trade partner self-services however, surpass all other sales methods in operational smoothness. Self-services offer an operating model in which brands and other advertisers control the booking and trafficking of materials for campaigns by themselves according to for example a yearly agreement with the retailer.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — November
Hello Doohlabs subscribers! It’s once again time for the in-store retail media monthly newsletter.
In-store retail media success factors: Content automation
When a retailer gets serious with in-store retail media and wants to commit to it on an industrial scale, many things need automation. One of the most important ones is content automation. In this blog post, we explain how you can most effectively utilize it in in-store retail media.
The role of data in in-store retail media
Getting the data for in-store retail media may feel sometimes a bit challenging. In this blog post, we explain why it shouldn’t be and why you should be thinking about the value it creates instead.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — October
It is again time for our in-store retail media monthly newsletter. This time we have some new in-store networks among other things.
In-store audio is on the rise!
As in-store retail media is booming, in-store audio is also growing exponentially along with it. And no wonder –there are lots of reasons that are backing up this trend.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — September
It is again time for our in-store retail media monthly newsletter. This time we concentrate only on the booming in-store development that has been evident during the last months.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — August
It is time for Doohlabs in-store retail media monthly newsletter August edition. This time we have selected news to represent different point-of-views on retail media growth – from macroeconomics to developments in individual companies.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — July
Hello! It is time for our in-store retail media monthly newsletter for July.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — June
Here we are with the June Doohlabs in-store retail media monthly newsletter. This time we have a very informative podcast along with some piloting news.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — May
It’s again time for Doohlabs in-store retail media monthly newsletter. This time we will concentrate on grocery megatrends.
In-store retail media in practice — Sponsored products
Doohlabs publishes a lot of blog posts about the retail media phenomenon in general, especially describing how it is transforming retailers' and advertisers’ business models. We've been asked to start a new series about the practical applications of in-store retail media. We start this series now with a hot topic that combines online & in-store retail media: sponsored products.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter — April
This is our in-store retail media monthly newsletter for April 2023. Enjoy!
How to kick-start & scale your in-store retail media business?
In our line of business – the booming in-store retail media – we see markets & customers in various stages of their development cycle. Some customers are just acquiring their first screens in stores while others are planning to tenfold the number and trying to figure out how to organise the sales team. We acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all guidance for these situations and share our experience and insights with you in this blog post.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – March
It’s once again time for our monthly newsletter. This time, we will concentrate mainly on omnichannel retail media news.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – February
It’s time for our in-store retail media monthly newsletter for February.
2023 - The year of In-store retail media & programmatic media sales
Retail media has been growing phenomenally. It is only natural that programmatic will prevail in in-store retail media sales as well. But when are we there? This article examines the reasons and explains why this all is about to change in 2023.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – January
It is again time for our in-store retail media monthly newsletter. The new year often starts with predictions for the starting year in the industry, so we gathered here a few.
Doohlabs experience management platform supercharges Veikkaus Casino Tampere - the best new casino in the world 2022
Veikkaus Casino Tampere in Finland was chosen as the best new casino in the world for 2022 by the World Casino Awards.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – December
This is our retail media monthly newsletter for December 2022. In these newsletters, we gather the most important research, events, and developments about In-Store Retail Media around the globe for you.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – November
This is our retail media monthly newsletter for November 2022. In these newsletters we gather the most important research, events, and developments about In-Store Retail Media around the globe for you.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – October
Here are the headlines for October in-store retail media monthly newsletter. Enjoy!
Digital Signage provider – how to benefit from the in-store retail media boom?
We just published a short video describing how your digital signage company can use Doohlabs in-store retail media platform with your own CMS. Check it out!
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – September
This is our in-store retail media monthly newsletter for September. Retail media has grown to be a daily topic in marketing media in the last few months. We’ve gathered some of the interesting ones here.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – August
It is again time for our in-store retail media monthly newsletter. It’s been a busy summer in retail media, as markets are heating up and retail is seeking new revenue streams in the middle of the global inflation crisis.
In-Store Retail Media for Shopper Marketers
Shopper marketing is going through various major evolutions currently. As retail is in the middle of digital transformation also the forms of performing marketing and promotions inside a store a changing. One of the biggest business-critical developments affecting shopper marketers is the hyper-growth of retail media.
Top 4 reasons for retail to change for a better digital signage platform
Digital signage has never been so important as now. Here are four top reasons why you should check if your current system is up to date.
In-Store Retail Media Monthly Newsletter – June
This is our first in-store retail media monthly newsletter. In these newsletters, Doohlabs covers the fast-paced growth of retail media, especially from the viewpoint of physical stores. We gather the most important research, events, and developments about In-Store Retail Media around the globe for you.
The rise of In-store retail media and the role of programmatic advertising
Tiina Tikkinen is a renowned expert on digital media sales. In this discussion, Tiina and Janne (Doohlabs CEO) talk about the rise of in-store retail media, as well as the role and the future of programmatic advertising has in it and in digital out-of-home in general.
Online and in-store retail media – how do they differ?
We at Doohlabs are often asked how do the online and in-store media differ and what do they have in common? This article aims to clarify this subject and point out some of the key features of both retail mediums.
Creating in-store customer experiences digitally
Retail is going through two major evolutions in-store at the same time. On the other hand, the rise of retail media is changing thew way profits are made by transforming the in-store environments to an advertising medium. On the other hand, retail must find new ways attract customer in-store by creating retail spaces that generate memorable customer experiences. We in Doohlabs serve retail in responding the needs of both these trends. In this blog post, we introduce the new Doohlabs experience management platform.
What is in-store retail media?
Retail media has been stated to become a new USD 100 billion revenue opportunity for retailers. During the pandemic, and for especially during the last year it has been booming in retail forums. So, what is it all about and how does it relate to in-store marketing?
How to Measure the Retail Store of the Future
A new set of metrics and measurement of profitability is needed if store contribution is to be accurately assessed in this new digital retail world. And the key metric is a store's media value.
Entering The New Age Of Retail Media: How In-Store Advertising Is Taking Back Its Power
Declared “A $100 Billion Media Opportunity for Retailers,” in an article published by Boston Consulting Group in May 2021; in-store advertising has joined the growing list of industries to be disrupted by digital innovations. Major retailers race to create new, high-margin revenue by monetising their audiences and enhancing the customer experience.
Retailer, sell you store audiences to advertisers just like Facebook and Linkedin
Programmatic digital out-of-home offers retail a powerful tool to generate measurable results.
Why and how did Doohlabs pick up a winning ticket?
This is a story of how Doohlabs focused on in-store advertising automation while at the same time the tide was about to turn heavily in favour of Retail Media.
Omnichannel solution – how to connect your Loyalty Program to In-Store marketing?
Customer loyalty programs have become the standard way to provide benefits to customers within the past 20 years, and nowadays the usage of the customer data collected is what makes the difference for the retailer.
Measurability shifts to crucial from nice-to-have
In-store marketing and outdoor advertising are traditionally seen as brand advertising targeted for broad audiences, with wide reach but difficult to measure. In today’s market the big, global brands and suppliers struggle with small and agile local players, who benefit from their better understanding of local consumer behaviour.
What is In-store Retail Media and what has it got to do with Digital Signage?
Retail Media is a megatrend that has captured the attention of marketers. According to Forrester it is one of the hottest topics (with AI) advertisers are talking about. At the same time, retail is rapidly refining its business models to benefit from this trend. But what does it have to do with digital screens and why should digital signage providers care about it?
How to add in-store screens to your retail media network?
Onsite and offsite retail media has been booming during the past couple of years. Forerunner retailers have already built or are launching their retail media services. For many others, solutions are on the planning table or in development. But what about in-store retail media? Why is it not happening hand in hand with online?
Retail aims to be an advertising media
For major retail chains, the next big digitalisation business opportunity may not lie only in e-commerce, but also in better monetisation of their in-store target groups. The best ones have already started the transition.
In-store Advertising Automation - retail’s equivalent to Marketing Automation revolution
Digital out-of-home takes your mind to outdoor environments, in places where you have big crowds to turn audiences for large screens. But in fact, by far the biggest growth in this area is happening in retail. Specifically, in in-store environments.
How to monetise your audience?
Retailers have space with an audience, but they don't usually know how valuable it is. According to estimations, combined ad spending in Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) and digitalised trade marketing will grow by 2024 to over 100 billion USD.
Is Retail Industry Missing The New Opportunity?
While digital space is becoming complex and having several growing pains, it reveals the unused opportunities for retailers: having a real world space with an authentic audience is a competitive advantage not to be missed.
Using microlocations to get most out of your marketing budget in out-of-home advertising
All advertisers aim to target their ads only for potential customers, yet few are actually able to. The technological possibilities in DOOH already exist, and it is utilised more and more.
Let us show you the business potential of audience analytics
Targeted content delivery to identified customer segments is possible also in digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. We are actively collaborating with organisations varying from retail to hospitals to uncover the opportunities of audience measurement and analytics.
Digital Out-Of-Home on the verge of a major change
Did you know that Digital out-of-Home (DOOH) is the fastest growing marketing media? Globally, the growth is increasing — from 12,5 billion (2016) to over 26 billion dollars until 2023, according to estimates.
The Second Transition of Digital Out-Of-Home
Digital out-of-home advertising is booming. Media sales is tailing social media and SEO and the organic growth of DOOH networks has been estimated around 20–30% yearly. While the industry is still experiencing the effect of the first transition — the digitalization — we are already entering the next phase.

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Glossary of terms

Wondering what is what and where to find the right acronyms? You've come to the right page.

Ad Exchange

Digital marketplace for the buying and selling of ad space, connecting Supply Side Platforms (SSPs) and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs).

Ad Retention

A number of consumers who remember seeing an ad or a brand being advertised on an out-of-home display.

Agency Trading Desk

A trading system developed by large agencies to make programmatic purchasing more efficient for their customers. Agency Trading Desks usually access larger inventories through several DSPs and can be connected to additional data streams via Data Management Platforms (DMPs).


The number of people who will see a campaign at least once.

Cost Per Action (CPA)

The average cost of a pre-defined action (conversion, click of a specific link, time on site).

CPM = Cost Per Mile

(also called cost per impression or cost per thousand), is a commonly used measurement in marketing & advertising. It is the cost an advertiser pays for one thousand views or clicks of an advertisement or the impressions of an DOOH display.

CPT, Cost per Thousand

The cost of delivering 1,000 impressions from individuals who notice the advertising on displays.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

A system for managing data used by agencies, advertisers, or publishers. Most first party data is managed and integrated with third party data to combine user information and activities as well as to optimise media purchasing.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

A platform that allows brands and agencies to automatically bid on ad inventory. DSPs determine the best possible inventory for reaching a target audience, place buys, and report on the performance.


Demographic profile of target audience or consumers intended for an outdoor advertisement who would most likely to be interested in your product or service. Defined by certain attributes, such as age, sex, race, ethnicity, income, lifestyle, brand/media consumption, interests, or purchase behaviour; or some combination for any geographic definition.

Digital billboard / digital signage

are also referred to as LED signs or digital signage that allow advertisers the ability to launch campaigns almost instantaneously and can be operated flexibly.

Display Period

Display Period is the interval of time or exposure when an digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising campaign is run and viewed.


The strategic placement of DOOH units across a market. The distribution of units will impact the reach of the campaign and the demographic profile of the audience that is delivered. Distribution - The strategic placement of outdoor units across a market. The distribution of units will impact the reach of the campaign and the demographic profile of the audience that is delivered.

DOOH, Digital-out-of home

OOH display that can change its advertising content using digital technology.

Effective reach

The number of persons within the target audience that is exposed to the advertising schedule of an average of three or more times.


First-Party Data

Information regarding consumer behaviour that a company collects directly from its customers and owns. It can complement, enhance, and reduce the need for other types of data. It is very valuable due to its accuracy, and can contain for example subscription or CRM data.

First Price Auction

The winner of the bidding contest for an ad impression pays the price actually offered.


The number of who will pass by a location.


The average number of times an individual notices an advertising message within a defined period of time. Frequency in DOOH advertising is typically measured over a four-week period, but can be reported for any campaign length.

GRP = Gross Rating Point

The total number of impressions delivered by an DOOH campaign expressed as a percentage of a target audience.

In-Store Advertising

Advertising that exists in retail spaces, such as grocery stores.


The number of times a campaign is seen.


Media Mix

The combination of media types and associated audience weight levels used together to meet the objectives of a media plan (or advertising campaign).

Media owner / network owner

is a company who owns and has the right to sell out of home advertising space

Multi-sensory experience

Sensory branding is a form of advertising that appeals to all the senses of an individual in relation to the brand.

Open Auction

In an Open Auction, a publisher allows access to all bidders connected via the SSP to have access on its inventory. The highest bidder wins the impression.

OTS, opportunity to see

The average number of times an individual notices an OOH advertising message during a defined period of time.

Out-of-Home (OOH)

All types of advertising intended to reach consumers outside the home.


Evaluation of a campaign's achievements after the event, often in terms of coverage and frequency.

POP, point of purchase

The point of purchase is where a buyer decides to purchase a product. It differs from POS, by preceeding customers action where they head to the checkout counter.

It is used when planning the placement of consumer products, such as product displays and signage strategically placed in a grocery store aisle.

POS, point of sale

Similar to POP term is the Point of Sale (POS) which is the point at which a customer pays for products, such as on a website or at a store checkout.

Programmatic advertising

is a way to automatically buy and optimise digital campaigns, rather than buying directly from publishers, designed to replace human negotiations with machine learning and AI-optimisation without human negotiations and pre-set prices. It is done through real-time auctions.

Retail media platform

A platform that organises and distributes campaigns and advertising in retail spaces, for example in-store,


The approximate percentage of a target audience’s population who notice an advertising message at least once during an DOOH campaign


Supply Side Platform (SSP)

A platform that allows publishers to automatically sell their inventory. It allows the setting of floor prices and the bundling of inventory for private marketplaces.

Third-Party Data

Aggregated data from e.g. platforms and websites that are not owned by the publisher or website operator.

Waste coverage or wastage

proportion of an advertising campaign’s expenditure or advertising weight that is seen by the wrong target audience or not seen by.at all by the right target audience. This means ad coverage reaches people who are not potential buyers and/or users, and therefore does not bring return on marketing investment.