Doohlabs for Investors

Every space with an audience is a business opportunity

We are a team of innovative, bold and experienced people, on our mission to help retail become a media with in-store marketing automation. The change has already begun and retail is winning the game. And Doohlabs is at the forefront of it.

Out-of-Home Advertising Is turning more and more digitally driven. The global market for Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is projected to reach US$26.9 billion by 2025, driven by the distinct shift towards digital technology in the media world, led by the advent of the latest technologies and devices. (Research and Markets)

Major trend inside the DOOH domain is Retail Media. Retail’s big names have made it clear that they want to become advertising giants. Walmart in forefront has stated  that in wants to be a TOP5 advertising platform globally in few years time. Retail is in a good position to change the market dynamics with its closed loop advertising and 1st party data when online marketing facing challenges with the “death of cookies” and ever tightening GDPR-regulation.  In -store marketing will be a crucial part of the closed loop to reach targeted customers where shopping decisions are made.

We’ve created a platform, that enables retailers to create a major new revenue stream from their in-store audiences to increase the profit per square meter

Our direct customers are the network owners - Retailers in various fields. They typically already have a network of in-store screens which they now seek to capitalise in full.  Retailers have spaces with lots of valuable audiences and they have generated huge amounts of shopper data that they can use for targeted advertising. Brands are ready to pay a premium for highly targeted prime audiences in the point of purchase. They’ve unfortunately not been available - until now!

With the Doohlabs platform retailers can keep their shopper data safe and at the same time start monetising the audiences in scale. Doohlabs platform  provides tools for the sales of the in-store media either with our own UI or via API from example from an omni-channel campaign management software. This way the retailers can keep the commission to themselves or negotiate far better deals with a sales company. Doohlabs platform enables also Programmatic advertising - automated transaction of buying and selling advertising online making the audience inventory available to a very wide clientele.

Our deep understanding of the retail market, along with our innovative approach to developing our platform to meet the needs of tomorrow’s retail marketing has fueled our business in strong growth.

The future looks bright

We are an established growth company reaching companies and resellers globally. We already operate on thousands of screens and locations and have major retail chains with multi-billion euros turnover as our customers. We are expanding fast to global markets with vast influx of inbound contacts from both customers and resellers looking for an advanced platform that could give them competitive edge.

We have a ready product with proven product-market fit and traction. We are looking to strengthen our Sales team to enter new markets and to get a few major anchor customers on target markets before the entering next phase of scaling-up rapidly.

We value investors with Retail, Adtech and B2B SAAS domain expertise and connections.

The journey is only starting. Join us to shape the future of retail marketing.