How to improve retail sales performance?

Turn your retail into a media! Target your own customers or create new sales revenue with your own media sales tool. Our seamlessly end-to-end integrated, fully-fledged DOOH audience targeting & campaign automation platform enables you to choose the features suitable for your needs.

Our platform is in the heart of the retail in-store advertising ecosystem

Doohlabs Platform
for Single Brand Retail
Doohlabs Platform
for Multi-Brand Retail
Doohlabs Platform
for Digitalised Trade Marketing
We enable advanced publishing and targeted advertising with our single brand retail tools for promoting your own brands. For retailers who want to monetise their audiences, we provide audience targeting and media sales solution with algorithmic yield management and media sales tools. You can extend the platform with trade marketing automation to digitalise trade marketing and promotions.
Doohlabs Platform
for Single Brand Retail
Perfect solution for managing targeted campaigns
Our CMS is an advanced content management systems for controlling campaigns in enterprise-grade display networks. It has a unique built-in targeting engine for utilising data to reach the audiences you want at the right time and place.
The typical user for single brand solution is for example a grocery retailer who wants to advertise their private label brands to increase average basket and inventory turnover or a lottery or betting company that wants to promote their products and services for specific customer groups.
Benefits for your retail
Single brand retail platform is meant for companies who want to utilise our advanced campaign management and targeting features to get the full business benefit from their ad network. You can now automatically distribute dynamic content on a single screen level without any manual work and constant supervision. Your network takes a leap from just being a cost item to being a modern in-store advertising automation platform as a part of your company’s ad-tech and retail tech stack.
Key Features
  • Total control of video, dynamic & audio content
  • Flexible multi-level user accesses
  • Customised, programmable content templates with high integrability to real-time sources
  • Multitriggers for automatic impulses according to desired criteria
  • Multiple media player synchronisation on the same network
  • Content wheel to schedule and play different content in the same ad slot during different loop times
  • Independent scheduling, content and loop length for each campaign
  • Screen splitting for desired content areas, and scheduling option for different areas to different content
Targeting engine
GDPR Comlpliance Badge
  • Adjust at any time the level of targeted content & traditional scheduled content
  • Targeting engine accepts any data you want to use for targeting. Typically from customer data bases
  • All data is handled securely and system is GDPR compliant
  • The engine optimises playlist to maximise reach for the wanted audience. The optimised playlist is the engine’s prediction at the moment of what would be optimal to show in a certain location at a certain time to reach the right people
  • The audience creation tool is an easy-to-use tool to manage and create new target groups
Doohlabs Platform
for Multi–Brand Retail
Monetise your audiences
Doohlabs media sales tools enable you to build audiences based media products and manage your audience inventory in real time. You can schedule and book your campaigns through a live booking calendar and monitor your sales in our yield manager view.
Media sales tools combined to our CMS and targeting engine provide retailers a complete solution to start selling in-store media as part of the omni-channel media offering either with their own media unit or with a media sales partner.
Make your retail a media
In a world where closed loop environments are quickly becoming a valuable asset, retail is turning to a media. Our platform enables retailers to monetise their valuable data to audiences and start selling highly targeted audiences to advertisers.
With our targeting there are more potential advertisers to your varied media products and advertisers are also willing to pay a premium for quality audiences. Our algorithmic yield management  helps you to optimise and get higher value for your inventory.
Key Features
Includes all the features from Single Brand Retail.
  • Create interesting target groups from your own audience data securely
  • Use live booking calendar to schedule campaigns 
  • Algorithmic yield management ensures the optimal usage of audience invetory
  • Connect to programmatic marketplaces with our Programmatic Gateway
  • Have the network and your media sales integrated to f.ex. Salesforce
Doohlabs Platform
for Digitalised Trade Marketing
Digitalise your trade marketing & promotions
Doohlabs platform digitalises retailers trade marketing processes and promotions.
We provide trade marketers and partners  self-services for trafficking the campaign materials and deciding where, when and to which audiences their advertising campaigns are shown.
Added value for your partners
Brands, suppliers and partners can now digitally approach the wanted target groups when shopping decision are made. As targeting is automated, the audience inventory is used effectively and there are more opportunities also for smaller and local suppliers.
The network owners will have  their now manual processes streamlined and new revenue streams unlocked while reducing material waste.
Key Features
Includes all the features from Single Brand Retail and Multi-Brand Retail.
  • Trade marketing automation enables digital automated campaign delivery to cap ends 
  • Trade Marketing Calendar for live audience inventory. Trade marketers and network owners will have a live view of the inventory allocated for promotions.
  • With self-service portal trade marketers and promoters can now manage by themselves the campaign activities in given limits by their contracts and save your time and efforts
  • Seat pricing for external partners. Platform expenses are shared with partners making trade marketing automation very cost-effective for network owners.
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