Solutions for Retail and Chain Stores

Capitalising in-store audiences for advertising and digital trade marketing

Retailers are losing money as they have not yet fully utilised their in-store advertising potential
and because trade marketing activities are still highly manual. 
We provide a complete solution for monetising in-store displays and digitalising trade marketing processes.

In-store audiences

Retail chains live in an ever-tightening competitive environment constantly seeking new revenue streams.
A substantial new revenue can be acquired by monetising the audiences in-store and by providing a new digital channel for trade marketers to promote their brands and products.

As retailers operate in a very data-intense environment, they are able to offer prime granular audiences to their advertisers.
This has been understood by some of the biggest players in the market: for example, Walmart has already been systemically building an advertising business and has even acquired an artificial intelligence company to boost their analytical skill set.

With Doohlabs platform you can immediately start selling the attention of different audiences you have in your stores.

With targeting and booking engine, you can have highly targeted advertising playing alongside your own content.
And as Doohlabs platform is also ready for programmatic advertising, we can even together start offering your inventory on sale on various marketplaces right away.

We can help retailers in digitalising trade marketing.
The digitalisation transforms the tedious and error-prone manual process into a very cost-effective operation, where trade marketers themselves manage their own contract-based campaigning to preferred audiences. This will also generate more marketing opportunities and more revenue to network owners. Our Customer Success Managers help network owners in developing more and better audience-based products to serve their trade partners.

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