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Retail Media & Marketing Trends entering 2022

Declared a $100 billion business opportunity for retailers drives the rise of an in-store retail media


October 20th 2021, at 10am EST / 4pm CET / 6pm GST

Who is it for

Retail Development Leaders



Join our in-store advertising webinar Retail Media & Marketing Trends entering 2022, to hear the latest news and views from industry experts.

In the webinar, we dive into top grocery news, and we also talk about recently published report “Grocery Trends 2021: The Call for Essential Adaptability” by RETHINK Retail, on the changes, challenges and expectations facing the grocery industry – with the focus on retail media revolution.

  • Retail& Marketing landscape after covid – trends 2022
  • Advertisers’ perspective – expectations 
  • Utilizing data for targeted DOOH advertising 
  • 100-billion-dollar opportunity for retail
  • Creating new revenue with in-store advertising automation

RETHINK Retail team published our2021 Grocery Report – featuring insights from both grocers and consumers. It dives into the changes, challenges and expectations facing the grocery industry.

You’ll find new information like:
- How over 70% of customers’ food habits have changed and what grocers are doing to accommodate it?
- How grocery executives rank their top 7 challenges?

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Key speakers

Our guest speakers

Julia Raymond Hare

Editor-in-Chief at RETHINK Retail. Podcast Host. Global Director at Valtech. Orlando, Florida, United States


Ian Querze

Field Marketing Manager at Barnum Financial Group, Shelton, Connecticut, United States

Tariq Coutermarsh

Business Development Director, Doohlabs

Janne Lohvansuu

CEO, Doohlabs

Teemu Kurri

Chief Customer Growth Officer, Doohlabs