Data privacy statement for job seekers & applicants

The purpose of this privacy statement is to provide information for job seekers about what personal information is collected from them, for what purposes the information is used and to whom the information may be disclosed. This Privacy Statement also provides information on the obligations and legislation that Doohlabs Ltd complies when processing personal data.

About personal data

Personal data means all data relating to an identifiable or identifiable person, as defined in the General EU Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (the “Data Protection Regulation”).

In processing personal data, Doohlabs complies with the Data Protection Regulation and the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Employment (759/2004).

The purpose and legal basis for collecting personal data

The purpose of processing personal data is to enable the jobseeker to bring the CV; training and work experience data and interests to the attention of Doohlabs Ltd as a basis for applying a job.

Doohlabs collects and processes information from registrants that is necessary for recruitment; personal data of jobseekers and potential jobseekers are processed for recruitment purposes only. For this purpose, Doohlabs collects information about people who apply as jobseekers, trainee, interim or thesis worker. The aim for data collection and usage is to recruit personnel for Doohlabs’ own service.

Sources of information

The primary source of information is job applicant itself. Should additional information be required (for example recommendations), the job applicant will be asked to provide the source of information.

Other sources of information regarding potential job seekers include, for example, public career-related networking services, such as LinkedIn, on which a person has published his/her CV.

Retention of personal information

Doohlabs will retain personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes set forth in this Privacy Statement, unless required by law to retain personal information for a longer period (e.g., special laws, accounting or reporting responsibilities and obligations).

The personal data of potential jobseekers will be retained until it is established that they will be contacted and selected for the recruitment process. Upon contact, the person either declares his / her interest and becomes a job applicant or his / her personal data in this regard is deleted.

The personal data of jobseekers will be kept during the recruitment process until a suitable jobseeker has been selected for the position. Thereafter, the personal data of jobseekers who were not selected in connection with that recruitment process will be deleted.

In addition, the data subject may, if he/she so wishes, consent to the retention of data for after the recruitment procedure. The data shall be deleted within a reasonable time.

Open applications will be retained for 6 months of receipt unless the jobseeker at that time is involved in the recruitment process for the vacancy or gives permission to keep their personal information for a longer period.

The data subject has the right to request that his or her data be deleted earlier than specified above.

The processing of the recruitment data of a job seeker who will be selected to work for Doohlabs will continue after the recruitment based on the employment relationship.

Personal data content

Personal data collected in connection with recruitment (targeted and open applications):

Name, contact details, educational background, employment history, or other information provided by job seeker in job applications and resumes, including the LinkedIn profile URL, or any other material accumulated in connection with the recruitment processes and information provided to Doohlabs by job seekers on their own initiative.

Doohlabs may collect information from referrals provided by the job seeker.

Recipients of personal information at Doohlabs

The personal data of the data subject may be disclosed to the upper management of Doohlabs, or Head of Department participating in the recruitment process.

If Doohlabs is involved in a merger, business transaction or other corporate reorganisation, it may have to disclose the personal data of the registrants to third parties.

The transfer of data to a third party takes place mainly by means of electronic data transmission connections.

Principles of protection of personal data and security of processing

Doohlabs processes personal information in a manner that seeks to ensure the proper security of personal information. The company’s network and servers are protected up-to-date technical measures. The rights to read, send and delete data are limited by access rights. Doohlabs stores the data of the registered persons in electronic form. Data is printed only when necessary, and paper prints are securely destroyed immediately after processing.

All parties processing personal data have a duty of confidentiality under the Employment Contracts Act.

Data subjects’ rights and enforcement

Data subjects have rights guaranteed by data protection law: right of access to data and right of inspection. The data subject has the right to check and see information about him/herself and, upon request, the right to receive the information in writing or electronically.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

Doohlabs Ltd. may amend and update this Privacy Statement as necessary. Changes may also be based on changes in data protection legislation.

Registrar and Data Protection Officer

Registrar: Doohlabs Ltd.

Data Protection Officer: Janne Lohvansuu

Contact information: