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Dynamic Wayfinding

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DOOHLABS Dynamic Wayfinding is the best and most versatile solution you can get for your premises. Tried, tested and continuously developed in various environments from malls to cruise ships and campuses.

DOOHLABS Dynamic Wayfinding - is an information and guidance system with interactive, three-dimensional map guides customers directly to the products and services they are looking for.

The system shows your location on the map, you can search for information about different products, stores and their offers and find the best route to them. Best suited for shopping malls, exhibition halls, public spaces, campuses and ships.

As a part of Doohlabs platform Dynamic Wayfinding acts as a data source for targeting. The searches and routes help us in reaching the right audience with the right message. With indoor positioning our microlocation based targeting engine gets even more smarter and generates more profit for the network owners.

Dynamic Wayfinding in Short

Check out the main features in this video in just 3 minutes


Three-dimensional maps

Maps are drawn genuinely in three-dimensional bases, which can also be used to place animated 3D objects and large so-called "anchor shops" on the map which are constantly visible to the user. The area covered by the guidance is presented as a 3D map that can be moved, rotated and zoomed, such as in mobile devices nowadays.

Real-time, dynamic routing

Intelligent Dynamic Routing automatically draws directions to the users location. The routing algorithm calculates the shortest and fastest route, considering obstacles, momentarily closed routes and even congestion of routes.

Web and Mobile Web Wayfinding

Html5-based maps and directories can also be accessed on customer's web services and mobile devices. They can be for example incorporated into your own webpages, mobile pages or mobile apps. Web maps are also automatically updated when data is edited in the BCN management interface.

Digital Signage Integration

When a Wayfinding is not used, the system moves to the info and ad content of the Doohlabs CMS system. Customer access is detected by a presence sensor and the system automatically switches to the wayfinding mode when the customer approaches the screen.

and a lot more...

Target details

The map features - shops, restaurants, services - are provided in the window that opens up to the user containing basic information such as description, selling brands, opening hours and contact information. This window can also include logos, images or videos.

Directory and searching

Searching of items is an important part of the system. From the directory, the user can search for the items information and the route to the destination by name, type, or floor - or by using the text search.


The system supports the same multitouching known from mobile phones and tablets, including zoom, swipe and pan. Multitouch control makes it easier to facilitate and accelerate the use of the wayfinding system compared to standard navigation buttons.


The system automatically analyzes and calculates routing for users requiring accebility. The user interface can also be lowered on the screen for children and wheelchair users.

Limiting the routes

In the premises, the passage can also be temporarily or repeatedly limited by the timetable. Routing works automatically user-accessibly. This feature is useful if, for example, the different areas of the item have divergent opening hours or if, for example, the lift is temporarily out of use.

Map editor

Making changes to maps is easy-to-use with map editor. Small changes in real estate or other objects do not require large, time consuming or expensive changes to the system. The route guidance automatically adjusts to the requirements of the changed premises.


From system analytics, user data provides very valuable information on consumer behavior in the target, for example, the most used keywords and the most frequently used routes. This information is also useful for the development of spaces or the placement of infototems.

Indoor positioning

Mobile Web Maps used by the customer's own devices can locate the Customer's Location Layout and present routes from the location of the customer to desired destinations if the wlan base stations support the indoor positioning feature. Customers can also see their local store offers when passing.

Customizability and language versions

The layout of the service and the information contained therein can be customised at any time by the customer. The browser-based management website can also be used to edit maps, status, business, route, category and keyword words as well as all the different language versions if desired.

3D Objects

Maps are drawn as genuine three-dimensional floor maps, which can also accommodate animated 3D objects, such as landmarks and the largest anchor moves that are constantly visible on the map. 3D objects can also be animated. For example, lifts can travel between different floors on the map.


The map will always be automatically rotated and orientated with the information totem in the space. This is how the map and route are visible on the screen in the same direction as the objects are located around the customer. Automatic orientation helps the customer to perceive better their location and to get a better overview of the environment and go to the right direction.

API and Web integration

Wayfinding service can be integrated with the clients intranet and other external data sources. Through API Wayfinding service information can be automatically updated from external sources. The Wayfinding service works with new web and mobile browsers so interactive map can also be embedded to the customer's web and mobile site and apps.

Benefits of routing and guidance

How many times have you faced the problem of not finding the product you wanted to buy?

Wayfinding solves this problem and serves tirelessly around the clock, on the marketplace info sites, mobile and web pages and apps.

More time for purchases

Customers are always in a hurry.
Wayfinding system guides them quickly and clearly to the wanted products or services, so that more time remains for purchasing and experiences in marketplaces.

Advertise targeting

Products that are tagged in Wayfinding, can be found by customers from search section directly by using the product names. System lists all the stores that offer the product customers are looking for, presenting all the offers that are valid to the products.

Customer satisfaction

Today's expectation is a modern, responsive information system that provides accurate and immediate feedback.
The information system can not think before it guides. Everything has to work right away. Customer satisfaction relies on small things.

Works in web and mobile browsers

When the Wayfinding maps are available in customers' mobile devises, customer can move around the marketplace searching for products and services they want as well as plan ahead shopping routes from home. This speeds up shopping experiences and increases customer satisfaction.

Latest Wayfinding implementations

Mall of Tripla, the largest shopping mallin the Nordics

Opened in October 2019, Mall of Tripla in Helsinki, include 250 stores in an area of 85,000 square meters. The mall wanted to invest in customer-oriented guidance and chose us to implement a digital guidance system. The mall’s 3D map and interface of Wayfinding are graphically advanced and designed to give customers a seamless user experience.

Kamppi Shopping Center - Helsinki, finland

The Kamppi shopping center runs on Doohlabs Dynamic Wayfinding. The user interface is designed with a fresh look and offers a better user experience. Effective guidance is very important in the Kamppi shopping center, where understanding of surroundings is difficult by several different levels, floors and even separate buildings that combine with the center.

University of Linköping, Sweden

We designed and implemented Dynamic Wayfinding system to University of Linköping’s brand-new campus building “Studenthuset” in Southern Sweden in the summer of 2019. The system guides the international student community with dynamic 3D-map and up-to-date information about campus facilities and services.  

Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Lahti University of Applied Sciences, LAMK, opened its new digitalized campus in September 2018. Our Digital Signage and Dynamic Wayfinding solutions form part of the school's ecosystem that combines future learning technologies, working life, responsibility and digital solutions.

Shopping Centre Willa, Hyvinkää, Finland

Shopping Centre Willa in Hyvinkää is one of the largest shopping centres in Finland. Willa is spread over several buildings and has over a hundred shops, which make digital guidance a significant part of the centre's daily customer service. Our Dynamic Wayfinding was implemented in Willa in spring 2018.

Shopping center Itis - Helsinki, finland

Itis shopping centers wayfinding was implemented in 2014 and revised into a new look and functionality in 2018. At the same time, Web and mobile web maps were further developed to be easier to use.

Tallink Silja - Cruise Ship Guidance Systems

The Dynamic Wayfinding system was installed originally in 2014 and updated at 2018 and still is operating on Tallink Silja's largest ships: Silja Symphony and Serenade. All of the 12-floor facilities on the ships can be browsed, rotated, and zoomed in three-dimensional maps. The Wayfinding service will guide customers interactively to services, cabins and events, transmitting information of ship events in seven different languages.

Domina Wayfinding - Riga, latvia

The Latvian shopping center Domina in Riga introduced the  Wayfinding system in 2017. The implementation was carried out in cooperation with Clear Channel Latvia.

Citycenter - Helsinki, finland

Sponda's shopping center Citycenter in Helsinki's Makkaratalo uses Doohlabs wayfinding and CMS in a variety of infotainments, some of which are also on the railway station & metro entrance side.

Woluwe Wayfinding - Brussels, belgium

The Belgian Woluwe shopping mall in Brussels introduced Dynamic Wayfinding and Digital Signage in 2017 as the first Belgian shopping mall.

Shopping center Kaari - Helsinki, finland

Shopping Center Kaari in Helsinki was the first to introduce the Dynamic Wayfinding, which also included 3D web maps on shopping center web pages.
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