Special venues

Every venue with an audience holds

unused business potential

Todays new experience venues create compelling multi-sensory experiences to visitors all around the globe. From movie complex to casinos and into luxury cruises, the venue experience is built upon seamlessly integrated architectural designs blending with extraordinary visual and tonal experiences.
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We provide tailor-made content experiences for all your needs.

Experience management

Within Doohlabs platform, special venues can run multiple themes according to the architectural designs around spaces.
Doohlabs experience management system enables event based personalisation, such as sporting events as well as an in-event triggered experiences such as home-team making a goal or visitor hitting a jackpot in a casino.

Smart Experiences

Seamless connections to internal and external data sources radically extends the capabilities of event experience platform. System can use audience data infused with your other own data sources to understand to whom and when to target specific content. Adding to your own data, a plethora of external data sources can be used to add value by informing visitors or trigger multiple actions as well as modify customer experience on the fly.
PAF operates its gaming business on Tallink Silja's vessels and Åland in its own Casino.

Multi-sensory Experiences

Experiences and themes can vary according to pre-defined schedule, events or on-the-spot audiences and include programming for 4K video, time-synced audio, DMX lighting controls as well as fragrance distribution to create lasting memories for visitors.

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