Special venues

Create unforgettable spaces with our Experience Management Platform

Today’s new experience venues create compelling multi-sensory experiences to visitors all around the globe. From movie complex to casinos and into luxury cruises, the venue experience is built upon seamlessly integrated architectural designs blending with extraordinary visual and tonal experiences that can adapt to different themes, audiences, and events in real-time.
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We provide tailor-made content experiences for all your needs.

Experience management

With Doohlabs platform you can run multiple themes in spaces to adapt - alongside with scheduled content - to different contexts, audiences or events triggered by something that’s happening on the venue. You can bring life to your venue whether you want your retail space to create an unforgettable shopping experience or to make your casino to stand out from the competition.
Doohlabs Experience Management platform is a state-of-the-art experience management software built on top of-our enterprise-grade CMS. It can operate any type of space that has higher than ordinary requirements for making your space come alive with technology.

Data-driven experiences

Today’s experiences are created with data. Utilising information about your audience, the context your space is located in or about what’s happening inside the space is the fuel that makes your space come alive.
Seamless connections to internal and external data sources are the basis a good experience platform is built on. Besides connecting to your operative data sources and the sources in the space in question, our platform is ready to use your audience data to understand to whom and when to target specific content. Mixing the data sources to your scheduled content, you can add value by personally communicating with visitors or triggering multiple actions to modify customer experience on the fly.
PAF operates its gaming business on Tallink Silja's vessels and Åland in its own Casino.

Multi-sensory spaces

Doohlabs platform can control devices that serve your all senses. We can create experiences with the combination of video, audio, light and even scents. Or only with a limited combination of sources. The choice is yours.
Experiences and themes can vary according to pre-defined schedule, triggered events or on-the-spot audiences and include programming for up to 8K video, time-synced audio, DMX lighting controls as well as fragrance distribution to create lasting memories for visitors.

High-end digital signage system included

Our platform has its roots in our CMS system that’s been built to manage and automate the most challenging retail networks in the world. This means that alongside creating memorable experiences, you can control all your “basic” screens and audio with our user-friendly UI to communicate & and educate your audience.

Doohlabs Experience Management Platform features:

Advanced Theme creation & scheduling engine

Built-in variation for content to keep your space feel always new

Complete Digital Signage CMS features to store & distribute your content

Easy connections to your operative systems & data with advanced triggering options

Device connectivity for visuals, audio, lights & scents with Crestron

Cloud & on-premises to keep your space alive at all times