Trade Marketing Automation

Next big thing in retail.

Only 15% of the trade marketing is yet digital, typically one-off or project-oriented promotions.
Retail is changing the way they see trade marketing. This will multiply the number of screens in-store to cater the needs of promoters and suppliers.

Window Led Screens at Sokos Department Store, Tampere

Capitalise in-store audiences for digital trade marketing

In a constant seek for new revenue streams, a substantial new revenue can be acquired by monetising the audiences in-store and by providing a new digital channel for trade marketers to promote their brands and products.

Doohlabs is in the forefront in creating the services for the entire process and automatisation. We enable the trade marketers to use self-service for trafficking the campaign materials and monitoring where, when and to which audiences their advertising campaigns are shown. The network owner can now develop new audiences for trade marketers to improve targeting and increase sales.

In-Store display networks

Start selling the attention of different audiences you have in your stores

Digitalise Your Trade Marketing and Promotions with Doohlabs platform features, such as

Trade Marketing Calendar - live audience inventory.

Trade marketer and your organisation will have a live view of the inventory allocated for promotions.

Targeting Engine - execute trade marketing promotion for targeted audiences.

With Doohlabs engine trade marketing is elevated to cater more and more granular audiences.

Trade Marketing Automation - automated campaign delivery to shelf-ends.

With Doohlabs tools you can automate partner activities from trafficking to scheduling & booking.

Self-service Portal - easy access for Trade Partners.

Trade marketers and promoters can now manage by themselves the campaign activities in given limits by their contracts and save your time and efforts.

Reporting for trade partners.

Trade marketers and promoters get detailed information on how their campaigns are reaching the wanted audiences.

Audience Product Creator - promotions based on audiences.

In Doohlabs platform, campaigns are distributed to the audience, not just locations. Trade marketing campaigns can now be executed to reach specific segments rather than by only location and time.

Seat pricing for external partners.

Platform expenses are shared with partners making trade marketing automation very cost-effective for network owners.

Audio Marketing

Doohlabs platform includes identical features for both digital audio & visual marketing.

Trade marketing campaigns can be coupled with effective social media marketing (such as geofenced campaigning) to enhance reach.

Trade marketing digitalisation transforms the tedious and error-prone manual process into a very cost-effective operation, where trade marketers themselves book, traffic and manage their own contract-based campaigns to preferred audiences.

Man using Doohlabs Platform Booking Calendar

Our Customer Success Managers help retailers to develop data-driven and audience-based products to best serve their trade partners.

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