Turn your audiences into a revenue stream

Targeting audiences, media sales and booking have traditionally been handled by separate systems and often times also different companies.

Doohlabs’ platform combines all pieces of the puzzle into an easy to operate end-to-end process. Now finally you can organise the sales of your network just the way you want it to be.

Advanced microtargeting

DOOHLABS Targeting and Booking Engine uses various data sources on microlocation level to predict which content to show for the current audience. The engine delivers targeted playlists for network displays based on our algorithm analysis of the audiences.
Our targeting engine works as an integral part of the DOOHLABS platform.
The optimised playlist is the engine’s prediction of what would be optimal to show in a certain location at a certain time to reach the right people - enabling media sales based on real audiences.
Traditional CMS content
Targeted content
Traditional CMS content and targeted content can be distributed simultaneously. You can easily assign & adjust channels for both purposes as your business needs to evolve.

Live Booking Calendar

Targeting and Booking Engine provides real time view of the total inventory to empower team members to instantly capture new business opportunities - even on the move through mobile interface.
Booking calendar can either act as an easy-to-use tool manage your audience targeted communications or as a complete media sales solution.

Our Targeting & Booking Engine is also compatible with programmatic.
We currently work with Adform but easily integrate with your preferred partner.


Targeting Engine

Execute campaigns based on audiences and provide proof-of-play. Targeting engine lets you present your campaigns to those audiences your advertiser is trying to reach.

Booking Engine

Single view to live audience inventory. Doohlabs booking engine streamlines the booking & scheduling as the whole process is based on audiences managed in the same system.

Yield Manager

A helicopter view on the sales of the whole network. You – as a network owner - will have the complete control on the inventory. You decide which part of the inventory will be sold to external partners and which you will have for your purposes.

Audience Product Creator

Ad products based on audiences. Doohlabs platform is based on audience-based booking. You will have total control in creating audiences that are compelling to your advertisers.

Programmatic Gateway

Connect to programmatic ecosystems. Doohlabs platform is ready to be connected to your preferred programmatic platforms.

Seat pricing

For external media sales. Partners, such as media agencies will have their contract-based view on the system.

Salesforce integration

Doohlabs platform can work in sync with Salesforce with integration through Advendio, that is a solution built for companies to efficiently manage media buying and selling in Salesforce.

Unlimited Data Sources

Different companies are using different data models and Doohlabs platform is not limited to any single data source. It supports unlimited amount of data sources from loyalty systems to teleoperator data and various location data providers, such as Foursquare. Our specialist will assist in putting the data to work for you and anonymising it to be safely used.

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