Interested in the business potential of micro-targeting?
We are actively collaborating with organisations varying from retail to hospitals to uncover the opportunities microtargeted audiences.
There is always room for interesting pilot cases in the Nordics and we invite you to join!

Doohlabs delivers valuable business data

Did you know that digital out-of-home is the most rapidly growing ad media in the world today? As digital out-of-home is becoming mainstream of big brands and corporations there is a growing need to find ways to measure and prove the effectiveness of it. Here’s where we enter the arena.

Digital out-home investments are quite sizeable and until now they’ve been made with very limited data available. Doohlabs excels in analyzing the behaviour of your target groups in both commercial and non-commercial spaces. We measure the impact of digital out-of-home advertising and transform this data into business knowledge that helps you to make just the right choices and a well-argued business plan to reason your decisions.

Don't make business decisions with your eyes closed

We urge you not to jump to conclusions blindly but experiment with us in the real world which solutions work best for you and which do not yield the expected results. We feel that all digital-out-of-home investments should first be put under a test in a pilot.

Pilots are quick and agile projects that start with measuring current state and customer segments, that works as the basis for microtargeting. In the second phase, various content types (inspirational, tactical, etc.) is compared and measured. In the last phase, we combine the data gathered and target the right audiences with the right messages to create conclusions on what types of targeting create best business results.

Pilot timeline

All our pilot projects deliver a well-documented analysis and result with a business plan on how to implement a solution that delivers concrete benefits for your company.
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Doohlabs is a digital out-of-home platform that offers the most advanced tools for managing your ad content and creates meaningful business intelligence about the value of your investment. We partner with the innovative forerunner organisations to make the digital out-home most valuable media for brands, advertisers and organisations alike.