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Scotwell and Doohlabs partner to advance in-store retail media in Southeast Asia

Teemu Kurri
December 12, 2022
Scotwell and Doohlabs have been working closely together for some months to advance the booming in-store retail media throughout Southeast Asia. The partners have ongoing cases in grocery retail and transportation and lots of promising conversations with a variety of customers.

Ken Lee,CEO of Scotwell says:

It took 7 years for the Data Driven Advertising to reach70% of the total sales for the online advertising business. We strongly believe that this trend is firmly moving to the DOOH market and provide tremendous growth opportunities.  Doohlabs’s intelligent platform is a proven technology in DOOH market with successful deployment for in-store retailers in Europe. We are excited on the opportunity to bring this solution to ASEAN’s Retail market.

Janne Lohvansuu, CEO of Doohlabs explains:

We at Doohlabs love the dynamics of Southeast Asian markets. Mixing that with large audiences for advertisers and innovative companies in retail and other industries makes this partnership very interesting for us. Scotwell shares our vision of in-store retail media and we really like the way they do business.

Scotwelland Doohlabs have interesting plans for deepening the partnership and expanding their offering in near future. Stay tuned!

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