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Monetising audiences with in-store advertising automation

Join our webinar to learn 3 ways to increase your profit per square meter (SQM)!


Wed, Apr. 28th 2021 @ 10:00AM EET

Who is it for

Retail development leaders and professionals



Do you have a space with an audience? Do you know, how valuable it is?

Want to know, how to turn your audience to a revenue stream?


Do you know why retailers are losing money with current digital signage networks? Want to learn how to increase profit per SQM with in-store advertising automation?

Join our webinar to learn, how to securely use your own shopper insight to monetize your audiences and create easy-to-sell media products. The biggest retail chains have already recognized the great potential In-store Advertising Automation offers for retailers. Join the leaders in the new era of retail marketing!

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In just 30minutes you will learn:

  • Why retailers are losing money with digital signage?
  • Creating new revenue with in-store advertising automation
  • 3 steps to capitalize your in-store audiences
  • Demo: In-store Advertising Automation with Doohlabs platform


This event is for retail development leaders and professionals.

Key speaker

Janne Lohvansuu

Janne Lohvansuu. Janne is the CEO at Doohlabs. Besides leading our fast growth in automating in-store advertising he has an extensive background as a management consultant in helping enterprises in developing their business models.

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