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A completely audience based real-time targeting and booking engine. Full suite from creating data-driven products to booking, selling and trafficking campaigns.

We believe that Digital Out-of-Home must reach the maturity that media buyers have used to in online and not settling for the average.

advanced MICROtargeting

DOOHLABS Targeting and Booking Engine uses various data sources on microlocation level to predict which content to show for the current audience. The engine delivers targeted playlists for network displays based on our algorithm analysis of the audiences.
Our targeting engine works as an integral part of the DOOHLABS platform.
The optimised playlist is the engine’s prediction of what would be optimal to show in a certain location at a certain time to reach the right people - enabling media sales based on real audiences.


Targeting and Booking Engine provides real time view of the total inventory for salespersons to empower them to instantly do capture new business opportunities - even on the move through mobile interface.
Our Targeting & Booking Engine is also compatible with programmatic.
We currently work with Adform but easily integrate with your preferred partner.

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